The We Get ARound app is an iOS Augmented Reality application created for Matterport users, which overlays a 3D model overtop of a business card, for commercial, personal, or networking use.


Access your model or contact We Get Around to create a 3D model of your choosing using a Matterport camera.


Users fills out an online form, then uploads their business card and the associated .obj file.


Users receive an email with the link to download the application.


Users scan their business card with the app, which uses stored data from the initial form to overlay and display the 3D model associated with that business card in AR.

Samples of Our Capstone Work


Team Role Contract

Detailed explanation of each of our roles within the WGA project.

Project Plan

Explains each aspect of the project, and the timeline through each checkpoint.

UX Map

Deck presentation of our User Experience Map, showing the way app will work and flow for the user.

Exploratory Research

Initial research on WGA Network, and the technology needed to excecute this project.

User Research

Research on the WGA clients and our target consumers.

Visual Design Document

Showcases all design elements for the WGA project and website.

Social Media Mock-Ups

Detailed Mock-Ups of our Social Media Plans.

One Pager

Copy of our "One Pager" that provides information on WGA.


Copy of our application poster to be displayed in the NMI.

Submit & Download

Follow the instructions below to submit your model, download the app & scan your business card.

1. Fill out the form specifically created for our app.

2. All information will be stored in the server and connected to your business card image. An email will be sent out for you to download the application, once your card is added.

3. Download the app, open it, point it at your business card and your model will appear in AR format!


A closer look at the minds behind the We Get ARound Team.

Sara Piché

Director of Design

Sara is a senior Advertising major, with a minor in sociology. She has taken the reigns on all things design in this project, developing a brand image for WGA and creating the site. When she's not in capstone you can find her groovin' in the Georgia Theatre.

Jarod Sjogren

Tech & Development Director

Jarod is a 4th year computer science student in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia. He is the lead developer for the We Get ARound team. In his free time, he enjoys watching sports, binging Netflix comedy specials, and playing video games.

Julia Kien

Project Manager

Julia is a 5th year public relations student and the project manager of the We Get ARound team. She is also a self-proclaimed Spreadsheet Queen. When she's not rewatching Friends for the hundredth time, you can find her browsing the aisles of Trader Joe's.

C. Kennedy Wright

Media Specialist

Kennedy is a fourth year Entertainment and Media Studies and Film Studies student. She is the media specialist of the We Get Around team. When she's not editing a film project, you can find her watching Turner Classic Movies and hanging out with her dog.

Jake MacCracken

Promotions Specialist

Jake is a 4th year advertising student in Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia. He is the promotional specialist for the We Get ARound team. He enjoys long sips of cold brew and spending hours watching random videos on YouTube.

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